What is it?

We are going to fill the Site Gallery with a range of specially commissioned interactive digital art pieces, games, brand new apps and virtual reality headsets for children and families to play with. There will also be digital crafts and hands-on activities.

So, we can touch the art?

Most of the time when you go to a traditional Art Gallery you are asked to look with your eyes and not touch. Site Gallery is not a traditional Art Gallery. At this exhibition we're going to let you touch the art. In fact we insist.

When is it?

Tuesday 5th July

09:30am to 05:30pm

Wednesday 6th July

09:30am to 05:30pm

Thursday 7th July

9:30am to 05:00pm

Friday 8th July

9:30am to 05:30pm

Saturday 9th July

11:00am to 05:30pm

Sunday 10th July

11:00am to 05:30pm

Who can come?

Everyone is welcome!

The exhibition has been curated for 5-12 year olds, however everyone is welcome to drop-in during the gallery’s opening hours and it is FREE!

Please note that school visits are taking place Tues-Fri 9.30-12noon.

School and Educators Bookings

If you’d like to bring a group you must book your trip in ADVANCE with Niki Colclough, Young People’s Programme Manager at the Site Gallery:


Venue Info

  • FREE
  • Best for 5-12 year olds
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • At times noisy & distracting
  • Lots of lights used
  • One toilet
  • Baby change facilities available
  • Parking near by at Science Park

Site Gallery, 1 Brown Street, Sheffield, S1 2BS


What will be there?


Christopher Jarratt

The Manor Maker’s are challenging social stereotypes by learning and making fun.

More info


Chloe Meineck

Record a story to a precious object or toy and then trigger the story when the object is played with. Sign up for the workshop on 6th July

More info

Fairy Garden


Follow the blue fairy! We’re going to take you somewhere else in a HTC Vive VR headset.

More info

The Cardboard Arcade

Unstable King

A portable video game arcade. A pop up virtual kingdom. A suite of local multi-player arcade machines built from cardboard.

More info

Fairy Doors

Sago Mini

Take a sneaky peek behind the doors, into the digital playground of Sago Mini.

More info


Jerry Belich

Play, make decisions, affect the outcome of the story, and your journey is printed out.

More info


Lost My Name

Amazingly easy-to-use animations that bring your drawings to life making them even more magical.

More info

Toy Shop

Adam Clarke

Created as part of Tate Worlds, explore a magical Minecraft world inspired by Peter Blake’s artwork

More info

Line Wobbler

Robin Baumgarten

A unique one dimensional game, control the LED strip by wobbling a door stop spring.

More info

We Are The Rangers

Adam Clarke

An adventure bringing the fun of Minecraft and United for Wildlife conservation campaign together.

More info



Make reactive and interactive projects – a robot, digital pet, anything you can think of!

More info

Avakai Twins

Vai Kai

Interactive wooden dolls that inspire nurturing play and emotional connection.

More info

Makey Makey Go

Jay Silver

For today’s tinkerers, dreamers, and makers the mobility to invent anytime, anywhere.

More info


Primo Toys

Cubetto is a playful wooden robot, powered by the first programming language you can touch.

More info

Play Osmo


Taking gameplay beyond a screen, turning any physical object into a connected game piece.

More info

Celebration Circuits

Bare Conductive

Master the basics of circuit building using conductive paint and bring this animated party of revellers to life.

More info

Electro Dough

Tech Will Save Us

Create sculptures and scenes using dough, then bring them to life with light and sound.

More info


Saturday Club - Showroom

The Showroom are putting on a special Saturday club see Ponyo and take part in fun art activities for £6.50

More info


The exhibition is being organised by and coincides with The Children's Media Conference in Sheffield. The Children's Media Conference is for people who work in children's media and entertainment. Everything that you can watch, buy or play with is made by people who come to this conference. They come from all over the UK from companies like Cartoon Network, CBBC, Nickelodeon and Disney, and some come for other parts of the world to show and talk about the media they make for young people in their countries. This exhibition is also a chance for them to see the latest things that are happening in the industry they are working in beyond television screens, books and traditional toys.

Children's Media Conference delegates

We hope you enjoy your visit to Playground, let us know what you think.


In partnership with Site Gallery

Site Gallery is Sheffield’s leading international contemporary art space, supporting artists specialising in moving image, new media and performance. Pioneering emerging art practices and ideas, Site Gallery works in partnership with local, regional and international collaborators to nurture artistic talent and support the development of contemporary art. The heart of what they do, is connecting people to artists and to art, inspiring new thinking and debate through a public programmes and participatory activity.

Site Gallery

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